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    Participate in kids clubs and other evangelistic opportunities.
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This is the reason you've joined STEP: spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. You'll be able to take what you've learned from the various classes and apply it to the outreach programs that have been organized.

As you take a STEP towards participating in a kids club outreach you'll be asked to teach a daily memory verse to the kids. Or you'll be asked to get the kids to take a STEP towards joining the outreach by organizing some games to play. Or you could be giving a daily talk using the sketch board skills you have learned so that the kids can learn about how to take their first STEPs towards Jesus. Or it could be that you help lead break out groups that can help the kids in their STEPs to the Savior.

Other things you could do is taking your first STEP towards door to door evangelism as a way of exciting both parents and their children in joining the Kids Club.

Don't fret too much about this, but put on a happy face and get ready for an experience you'll never forget!